Bagwell Lane to remain closed over Christmas

Message from SE Water:

“We want to provide you with an update with our work to install new water main along Bagwell Lane, Hook.

Our workforce has made significant progress installing the new pipe and more than 1.8 kilometres of new water main has been installed so far.

In our early communication with you, we stated the road closure would be removed during the festive period.

While this is our standard practice, following consultation with the local Highways department it has been agreed the road closure in Bagwell Lane will remain in place over the festive break.

There will be several open excavations that cause a significant safety risk and we are also concerned that opening the road for such a short period will lead to confusion when we close it again.

You may not see us all the time during this period, which starts on 18 December 2021, but our team will be visiting the site regularly until pipe installation resumes on 4 January 2022.

We will be writing to all nearby residents to inform them of the decision to keep the road closed.

Please be assured we are still on course to finish working in Bagwell Lane by late March 2022.”