New Parish Council Logo Competition

Our current Parish Council logo has been in use for over 20 years. We would like to give it a bit of a refresh so are launching a competition to help us create a new logo.

This competition is open to children of primary school age (4-11) on the 1st January 2021, who either attend Dogmersfield School, or are residents in the Parish of Dogmersfield.

The logo must feature imagery, wording or icons that relate to features of the village/Parish or their history and origins. Any buildings featured should be visible from public thoroughfares.

For information, the current logo took inspiration from the origins of the name ‘Dogmersfield’, the Anglo-Saxon name of ‘doke’, meaning ‘waterlily’, ‘mere’ meaning ‘pond’, or ‘lake’, and ‘feld’ meaning ‘piece of land’. Combined, this is ‘the land by the lake where the waterlilies grow’.

The logo must be 2D and should include colour.

Colours should at some point include green, to be consistent with the Dogmersfield School colours, and the DPC website (which has taken the colours from the school). Additional colours are at the discretion of the designer.

Entries should be done on an A4-sized page.

Entries can be done in the form of a physical entry or an electronic file,

Simplicity is encouraged.

For reference, here are the logos of a few other local Parish Councils:

(Winchfield)    (Odiham)

How To Enter

  1. For Dogmersfield School Pupils – all entries should be submitted to your teacher.
  2. For Dogmersfield residents – please submit electronic entries to, and physical entries to:

Mr G Chisnall, Lords & Ladies, Chatter Alley, Dogmersfield, RG27 8ST

Closing date for entries is 6pm on Friday 19th March 2021.

A shortlist of 3 entries will be announced in the Q2 Parish Council Newsletter, to be circulated in April. From this, Parishioners will be asked to vote for their favourite, which will result in an outright winner. This winner will be announced in the Q3 (July) Newsletter.

NOTE: Dogmersfield Parish Council reserve the right to adapt and amend the winning entry to ensure it is versatile and can be used across multiple platforms and media.



Use of your winning logo across all Dogmersfield Parish Council communications and website.

1 x £25 book token


2 x runners up will each win a £10 book token.

Please remember to include the name and age of the entrant with all entries