Warning From Hampshire Police

We have received the following notice from Hampshire Police with regards to some recent thefts in the area:

May I please make you aware of an increase in the thefts of Land Rovers across the county. A green Long Wheel Base Land Rover 110 registration  ST06 AZL was stolen from Chilton Candover between 7 and 11:30PM, I ask if anyone in Chilton, Brown and Preston Candover area has CCTV if they could please have a look at it to see if any vehicles passed their homes in or around the time from say 10:30 to 11:30 PM.

Please also be aware that recently in Tunworth a vehicle was spotted in which a suspicious man was seen asking about old style Land Rovers for sale, and the one he spoke of was not visible from the road? This was a small white VW Golf OV16 U*

May I also make you aware of an increase in the thefts from stables and equestrian establishments

During these incidents, miscellaneous items such as riding helmets and tack equipment have been taken. These incidents are in addition to reports of various farm buildings being broken into across the Hook area in the last three to four weeks.

On a very basic level – make sure everything is locked up securely! We have had incidents where certain doors have been left unlocked, offering an access point for potential intruders.

As a more detailed addition to the above, to better secure your yard and stables we would encourage you to consider the following:

  1. secure tack room windows on the inside with solid iron bars (not tubular steel)
  2. secure all doors with good quality locks; use bolts (not screws) on the hinges
  3. if possible, create a physical barrier across a door. If you are an owner of heavy plant machinery then you could consider parking this in front of a door to block off access to any valuable equipment.
  4. mark your tack using an ultraviolet pen – perhaps write your post code on your tack with the UV pen.
  5. display warning signage advertising CCTV in the area to deter thieves
  6. padlock gates with substantial padlocks and heavy duty chains
  7. reverse top hinges on gates to prevent lifting
  8. install security lights and an intruder alarm

Please report any suspicious incidents, people or vehicles             

Many thanks

Andy Reid