Thank You to Alastair Clark

Dogmersfield Parish Council would like to place on record its sincere thanks to Alastair Clark for over 25 years service as a Councillor with us.

During his time representing the interests of the residents of Dogmersfield, he has been a Councillor while many significant projects, events and initiatives have taken place. These include the introduction of our very first website, the development and approval of the Dogmersfield Neighbourhood Plan and the fending-off of several invasive development projects.

Mr. Clark has also represented Dogmersfield Parish Council on many additional bodies and organisations, including Hart District Association of Parish and Town Councils.

The village of Dogmersfield and the demographic of its residents have evolved significantly during Mr. Clark’s tenure and we believe we represent the sentiments of residents old, new and future when we thank him for all he has contributed to the village we live in and love today.